La plaza de abastos (the food market square)

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The square of the old Town Hall was originally the second most important point of the town. In the Alameda there was a church, quarters and houses of the town’s social elite. This square functioned as a kind of an administrative center, where the arbitration office and the national school of Mr. Manuel Sánchez were located. In the extreme south western part there was a syndicate and below the Cristobal Torres’ store. The photographs are taken by Juan José Gómez Serrano y Gelán on January 13, 1933. It is the same place, almost at the same time but presented from two different points of view.

In the first one, Gelán photographs the members of the Red Cross, three assault guards next to the owner of the place José Vela, and Dr. Antonio de la Villa who was, among others, in charge of this section of the Red Cross. At the background on the left there is San Juan Street, in front – the syndicate and on the right the food market.

In the second photograph, the food market appears on the left, the national school of D. Manuel Sánchez on the right, the Red Cross truck in the center, and the graphic reporters from the Sevillian press “El Liberal” and “La Unión”, Cecilio Sánchez del Pando y Ángel Gómez Beades “Gelán” appear on the right side of the picture.