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The Events of Casas Viejas soon became the mediatic tragedy of the Second Republic, photographed as no other had been ever before. On two dates the photographers were specially concentrated: the first, on January 13 and 14, which most of the most relevant photographs on these incidents belong to and the second on February 19, 1933, the day that the population is visited by an unofficial parliamentary commission. The unofficial Commission that arrives at Casas Viejas on February 19 accompanied by provincial and national journalists (CNT, La Nación, La Tierra, ABC) was made up of the deputies Mr. Rodríguez Piñero, Fanjul, Algora, Soriano, Muñoz Martínez and Cordero Bel , and the lawyer Don Pelegrín de Benito.

The photograph of Serrano picks up the moment they go to the house of the family of “Seisdedos”. Next to Juan Bascuñana appear the members of the parliamentary committee Rodrigo Soriano and Cordero Bel, besides the journalist Gómez Bajuelo.

This street corresponded in year 1933 to part of Nueva Street, but in 1942 it changes its name to the one of Don Rafael Bernal, an Assidian doctor who died on that date and had been the president of La Junta, a committee of works responsible for the construction of the Church and one of those who on April 17, 1913, integrated the expedition that scientifically revealed the cave of the Tajo de las Figuras.