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San Juan Street has been the most important road network in the history of this town. In addition to commercial and residential core, it was the road link between the two centers; the Alameda, as religious, residential, military axis … and the plaza of the old Town Hall, commercial and administrative center.

The street is labeled in 1898 and receives that name following the tradition of the most important streets of the duchy of Medina Sidonia that receive this name, since this saint is the patron of the lineage. For a long time, San Juan Street was the great road of Casas Viejas, the union was in it, the libertarians went down to reach the Alameda and proposed an ultimatum to the civil guards who were in the barracks in one of the square’s corners. This way arrived reinforcements, Civil Guards at noon on January 11 and then the Assault Guards.

The first photograph is a central perspective of the street, in the foreground, on the right there is the house of Cantalejo, which already functioned as Ricardo’s bar. In the second there appears the pension San Rafael, current Tato bar, clearly observing the cover for the entrance of the cavalry in the pension. The third is the intersection of San Juan Street and the old Town Hall Square.

San Juan Street ends at the Alameda, the central place of the town. It appears in the nineteenth century in the likeness of the same name in Medina. As the main square of the town, it hosted some representative institutions of power such as the Civil Guard barracks, the church, houses of relevant families and some businesses. The Town Hall, an unattainable goal for the town, is still missing.