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The barracks of the Civil Guard was another of the transcendent places of the Events of Casas Viejas. The barracks house was in a corner of the square. This building functioned as a headquarters from 1898 to the events of 1933. The previous building which made these functions was moved from the current street Cuartel due to “the one doesn’t have the necessary conditions, unlike the new premises, as there are enough rooms for the needs of that institute …”

The Civil Guard barracks had an armory, two small kitchens and a pantry through which the guards would open a door through which their wives fled during the Events. The pantry and the original stairs are preserved there till nowadays.


In January 1933 its force was composed of a sergeant and three guards, belonging to the line of Medina Sidonia, included in turn in the Company of San Fernando de la Comandancia de Cádiz. His attempted assault with the result of Sergeant Manuel García Álvarez and the guard Román García Chuecos wounded (they would later die in the hospital in Cádiz), was one of the first and most important episodes of the Casas Viejas’ events.

In the photograph of Sánchez del Pando, a large group of civil guards and assault officers are appearing at the door of the headquarters. Together with them, journalists are gathering information, while a parishioner is observing the scene from an aside. The building of the barracks was owned by Sebastiana Rodríguez Pérez-Blanco, who had it rented to the Civil Guard for sixty pesetas a month.

The last photograph is a panoramic view of Alameda, made from this point, with the church in the background, the most important building in the town still not inaugurated. In addition to the civil guards and some curious people, we can see in the background a group of civilians talking to journalists and the remains of the bonfire that was made the day laborers in the cold morning of 11 during the siege of the barracks.