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The photo, possibly taken by Campúa, portrays the entrance of the town in 1933. Not the house itself, but definitely the place can be related to the Events: at the height of the Calera they made a ditch that cut the entrance to the town coming from Medina, the objective was to isolate the town once the rebellion started and the libertarian communism was declared, for this, in addition, stones, sticks, … were placed there and the telephone lines were cut. We are in an area that could be called peri-urban, as in 1933 Casas Viejas began in the square that we now call Del Pijo, where the excise office and the food market were located.

It was the main entrance of the town, for that reason in the facade there appears with letters of considerable size the name “Benalup de Sidonia”. The evolution and changes of names that this town has had are a reflection of its historical ups and downs. This population has always been called Casas Viejas, the first written news are from 1555, but in 1926, in full government of Primo de Rivera, while the dictatorial winds are blowing, a group of neighbors, led by a priest, perform appropriate bureaucratic actions to change the name to Benalup de Sidonia. As it is still called Casas Viejas, in 1930 that name officially returns.

In 1931, already in the Republic, it was agreed to “confirm the agreement that re-establishes the secular name of “Casas Viejas””, although only for a period of five years because after the Civil War it was renamed Benalup de Sidonia. In 1991 the suffix of Sidonia disappears when it becomes an independent municipality and in 1998 there is added the current one of Casas Viejas.