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The lot that goes from the right of the current San Francisco Street to the right of San Elías Street and that goes south to Clavel Street belonged to Francisco Vela López, the first great landowner in Casas Viejas in 19th century. The plot of land that directly faced the Alameda, will be used as a jail or municipal deposit. With this use it continued from 1877 to 1929, inherited by Francisco García Vela and a doctor, José Espina Calatriú.

In 1929, the Espina García married couple began to build a house on these plots of land, but in the days of the progressive biennium, they stop construction on the grounds due to a lack of permits. That state is presented in the photograph.


From the half built walls is where some farmers shoot at the barracks at dawn on January 11, 1933, as a sergeant of the Civil Guard is showing to the photographer Campúa, in the photo from January 14, 1933.


The pavement of San Francisco Street indicates that we are in the street of the owners, the tandem Vela-Espina, in one of the noble areas of the town. The next photo is from February 19, taken by Serrano and corresponds to the visit of the unofficial Parliamentary Commission. In it, Mr. Cordero Bel, deputy from Huelva and on the right the deputy Rodrigo Soriano are coming from San Elías Street  to visit the place where the first peasants from Casa Viejas had been deadly shot by the Civil Guard.