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The San Rafael pension was better known as Montiano’s drinks store at the time of the Events. The place was built around 1876 as an inn, then it would also become a bar and as a bar we know it nowadays. Due to its location in such a central place, it has always had an intense activity in social life and has witnessed the historical events of the town. Thus, it would play an important role in the Events, in the early hours of January 11 from that corner shots were fired at the barracks, there was hiding the priest Andrés Vera, and Captain Rojas made it his headquarters.

Surely, in the store of Montiano the raid is decided to happen. Little is known of those hours of the morning, since the hut of Seisdedos is burned until seven o’clock in the morning when the assault guards initiate the raid. The possible witnesses did not tell much, for example Manuel Montiano, who ran the bar and the boarding house, and who had not had the slightest participation in the Events, was imprisoned for what he had seen and heard from behind the bar; the objective was to put fear and that nothing was known.


Eduardo de Guzmán and Ramón J. Sender spent the night in this inn when they were in Casas Viejas as reporters for the newspapers of Madrid, La Tierra and La Libertad; and they were about to be lynched by a large group of representatives of the townspeople. Everything was still kept in secret.