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We are in the central point of the Events of Casas Viejas, the place that occupied the “shack” of Seisdedos which became fire fodder and where 9 people died; and the patio or “corraleta” that preceded it, where the 12 peasants were shot as a result of the raid and which currently is occupied by The Casas Viejas Commemorative Space 1933.

In the house, seven people lived together, the coal man of seventy years, Francisco Cruz Gutiérrez (Seisdedos) and his two sons, Francisco and Pedro Cruz; Josefa Franco Moya, widow of his stepson Miguel García, and their two children, Francisco and Manuel García. María Silva also lived with them.


These photographs can situate us where we are and how the shack of the “Seisdedos”’ family was structured. It’s possible to differentiate clearly three parts: “the corraleta” where the ECCV itself is located, the shack itself, which is inside the Utopia hotel facilities and the orchard and the auxiliary huts, which are also in the same place. In the photographs we can still see the cotton that was used to set fire to the straw roof of the house at night and early morning of January 11 and 12.

In front of this place, in an elevated position, as it appears in the photograph, the machine gun was placed and the cottons were thrown on the roof of the “Seisdedos”’ house. There were used grenades, a machine gun, weapons of all kinds and about 140 guards to besiege a hut with eight occupants inside and with two rifles as weapons for defense.