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In the tour through the scenes of the Events of Casas Viejas, this place was very significant because it was the seat of the anarchist union. It occupied a very central place in the town, a meeting point for the peasants, many of whom were committed to anarchism to a greater or lesser extent, around five hundred members, which was quite a lot for the population of that time.

Here, in a certain way, the Events are gestated or initiated, debates, assemblies take place and are made decisions about the events that are about to happen. In the evening of January 10, the atmosphere was certainly warm, in the minds and spirits of the libertarian peasants the solution to the serious and permanent problems they suffered was seething.

Anarchism had reached Casas Viejas in 1914 from the hand of José Olmo, who had settled here fleeing the boycott that the caciques of Medina subjected him to. Anarchism survives in Casas Viejas in hiding until the arrival of the Second Republic.

In 1933 the Casas Viejas union, known by the name of “The Invincibles” was headed by José Monroy;  Pedro Cruz (son of Seisdedos) was one of the leaders and highlighted a group of young people in the line of the FAI, among them Pepe Pilar, Manuel Quijada or Antonio Cabañas “Gallinito”.

The place was practically destroyed after the intervention of the forces of order.

This photograph was made by Campúa on January 14, 1933. It is a symbol of the defeat of the anarchist movement. At the syndicate’s door, the anarchist flag has been replaced by another one of the Republic, which the assault guards had asked to the teacher D. Manuel Sánchez, whose school was located in front of the syndicate.